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Live an unforgettable experience and discover a true paradise with kayaks el Caló Jávea.

Hey, lovers of adventure and water splashes! Here at Kayaks el Calo, we are a team of water enthusiasts and fun seekers. We launch into the waters of Cala Granadella in Jávea to offer you the most exciting and refreshing kayaking experience you have ever imagined.

We sail through the crystal clear waters, exploring the mysterious Cova del Llop Marí and sunbathing in the charming Cala En Caló.

Exciting, right? But wait, there is more! Not only do we promise you a unique and exciting experience, but we also offer you the possibility of PARKING in La Cala Granadella, because we know that no one wants to worry about where to leave the car when the excitement of kayaking calls you.


Kayaks el Calo Javea. Excursiones guidas en kayaks en Jávea
Cala en Calo and Llop Marí Route
€45 per person (2h 30 min)
Guided excursion departing from Cala Granadella, visiting the spectacular Cala en Caló and the Cova del Llop Marí

Live an unforgettable experience

We are a family business, eager to share with our clients the anecdotes and knowledge of the coast where we were born.

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Opinions of our clients

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